About Company

Umbrella Companies

The following companies have been working as sister organization under same management team.

1. Ekikrit Byapar Company Pvt. Ltd.

2. Integrated Hydro Management Pvt. Ltd.

3. Integrated Group Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

4. Integrated Energy Management Group Pvt. Ltd.

5. Integrated Hydro Fund Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


Ekikrit Byapar Company Private Limited (EBC) Nepal is a profit oriented Business organization established in 2011 AD (2067 BS). EBC Nepal is a newly established company to support the Nepal’s construction demand in Hydropower through well management support of tunnel Construction material such as chemical, explosive and its accessories with necessary security as per the prevailing rules of Government of Nepal, bunker construction, army post construction, army deployment in project site, and all other explosive and security related issues that comes across the construction of project.

EBC, Nepal is currently working with 42 different projects across the nation. EBC, Nepal is maintaining its standard and trust even in tough days of natural disasters and political disturbances.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the explosives and its accessories with necessary security with top quality service to the clients of Hydropower project/factory. We are committed to high standards of client service, staff development, ethical practice and reasonable profit. EBC aims to be national leading company particularly in Explosives manufacturing field in Nepal which support to the country for Hydropower construction industries. We can list our mission as follows:

  1. Top Quality Service.
  2. Introduce high quality explosive.
  3. Introduce proper technology for the use of explosive.
  4. All explosive related service from one umbrella.

Import the explosive from many countries to break the monopoly and dependency.

Scope of Service

EBC Nepal is starting a new practice for supply of explosive and its accessories with package service to the hydropower project at work front. The package include following services.

We work on the behalf of the Client

  1. Getting approval of explosive from the relevant authority of the Gov/N:-

As the project submits the estimation of the quantity and name its explosive required for the project, EBC Nepal carries the process forward for its approval from Nepal Government. Through the different ministries (Department of Electricity Development, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Nepal Army, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.).

While getting authorization to import explosive from India (or other foreign countries), EBC Nepal goes through Ministry of Foreign Affairs to related embassies (currently only importing from India) in order to get NOC.

           2. Coordination with International agencies.

EBC Nepal works for the coordination with international agencies in order to get the NOC and to import the explosive from foreign countries. Currently EBC Nepal has been importing explosive from India only. We are working to broaden our access in different countries for the import of explosive.

          3. Getting no objection certificate (NOC) for Explosive Import.

Currently we are importing explosive from India. For this, we go through Embassy of Republic India. Indian Embassy issues NOC for us to import explosive from India.

         4. Coordination with Local Government for Explosive Security.

As per the privileged rules of Gov/Nepal, the security committee of local level should approve the demanded explosive first. EBC, Nepal calls for meeting with CDOs, district commander of Army/Police etc. for approval of document. EBC, Nepal coordinates with district level security and in headquarter level.

  1. Coordination with Nepal Army/ District Security Committee and established security force at the project site.
  2. Construction of Bunker and Military Barrack at Project Site: As per requirement of project we construct the residential for Nepal Army nearer the project site as per the land provided.
  3. Provide explosive to the project at construction Site.
  4. Technical and managerial support to the projects: As per request of the project we help in various fields to the projects like arranging labors, initial setup to the site, arrangement of fuel and many more.